[Monthly Subscription]

How This Monthly Subscription Works....
➔We have two box sizes to choose from
~Large - $45.00 ($60 worth of inventory)
~Small - $25.00 ($40 worth of inventory)
➔Both Boxes will contain completely different items
~Order Both if you would like....
Each box will contain coordinating items that can be displayed together!!!

➔Boxes Will Contain Brand New
"Never Before Seen" Items
~Designed and made by our team here at On The Avenue.
~We will tell you the theme of the box
(Fall, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc.,)
but you will not know what will be inside until you open your box!! - Great Surprise HUH???

➔Deadline For Signing Up
~In order to receive a box for a certain month, you must be signed up by the 25th of the previous month~
(ex. To receive a Box the first of August, be signed up July 25th)

➔Pickup or Ship
~We offer two different options for getting your super awesome subscription box.....
~Pick up from our home if you are local!!! 
~Shipping per box is a flat rate of $10.00~
(anywhere in the U.S. except Hawaii and Alaska)
~Boxes Will Be Available for Pick Up or
Ship Out the 25th of each month

➔Automatic Monthly Subscription Renewal
~Your subscription will automatically renew each month....
You are welcome to Unsubscribe at anytime!!!